Recognizing the need to replace our 64 year-old ice arena, the City of Quesnel and the Cariboo Regional District have partnered to build a new energy efficient structure that will house a 1300+ seat arena with a regulation size ice surface and dry floor space that will allow for arena programs and events to be run year round and will also feature an indoor walking track and will include rooms for community meetings and gatherings. An assessment of the current facility was completed to review the option of renovating the existing facility, but the findings established that it was not cost effective to proceed with any major renovations. The report further noted that the arena would eventually need to be closed for reasons of public safety and prohibitive operational costs.

This project will go ahead by means of a loan to cover the costs that exceed our fundraising efforts. However, there is an opportunity for you to become a valued partner by making a cash and/or in-kind contribution to this project. As a committed sponsor, you will be donating to this essential facility while helping to reduce the amount of taxation on our community.

This new arena, located in downtown Quesnel adjacent to the existing arena will be a landmark and focal point for our community where relationships are bonded, skills developed and visitors warmly welcomed.   A new arena will have a major and direct impact on tourism development and increased revenue for our city. The North Cariboo Arena Project is essential to our city’s long-term sustainability. The development of the new arena will enable our community to offer our residents an excellent quality of life and continue to attract and retain residents and businesses to the Quesnel area.